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Meet John

John Olin of East Haddam is the Democratic candidate for the 34th General Assembly District. He has also been endorsed by the Working Families Party, the Independent Party and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) CT. 

John was born in Passaic N.J. (April 18, 1945), and grew up in West Nyack, Rockland County, NY. He attended public school until 9th grade and then Fordham Preparatory School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fordham College in English and Philosophy, a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Health Services at Johns Hopkins University and a Master’s degree in International Health (ethnography) from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.​ John is dedicated to public service. He is a lifelong conservationist, published author and retired physician assistant and research associate from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. ​ He has been a resident of East Haddam since March, 2019, where he serves as a member of the East Haddam Conservation Commission, and the East Haddam Village Alliance.​ While living in Baltimore Maryland he was a member of the Chesapeake Energy Alliance, the State of Maryland Radiation Advisory Board, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and later in Central Pennsylvania and living on the bank of the Susquehanna River he was active in a local stream restoration group and was an Island Steward for the Susquehanna River Trails Association.​ He has worked as a high school teacher in New York City, as a member of the Peace Corps in Turkey. He did educational work on Native American reservations in the South West. He started his medical career as a nursing assistant. Then worked as a physician assistant in various medical settings including neurology and neurosurgery and as a research associate in clinical trials in HIV/AIDS research in India and the Democratic Republic of Congo. ​ Upon retiring John has written three young-adult books and several collections of essays including a book on the Susquehanna River. He is currently working on a biography of a local resident.  ​ His interests include his great book collection, exploring the natural world and history around the globe. He has kayaked extensively including circumnavigation of a large remote island in the South Pacific. He finds relaxation in baking bread in his homemade hearth oven and his model trains.  ​ John is married to Amalia Shaltiel. He has an adult son, Evan, and two grandchildren.

Why I am Running

An Ongoing Commitment.  I am in this race to work for the residents of Salem, East Haddam, and East Hampton who want to find solutions for many, many critical problems we face. 

I’m talking about: —the toll on life from the marketing of weapons of mass killing used against school children —the taking away of the right of a woman to have or not have a child —the flagrant corruption of ordinary Americans by misleading them to believe the 2020 election was stolen —the weakening of democratic institutions —the war against science, against facts, truth —the rise of intolerance and fear and hatred of others —the epidemics of opioid addiction and overdose, obesity, high incidence of childhood deaths in car crashes and from suicide —the failure of our higher educational system to educate without impoverishing youth —and the outrageous disparity in the goods of life between the rich and the well-off and most in us in the middle class and people who need decent jobs, health care, child care, and affordable housing. And I am fully aware that business is the lifeblood of our communities and that appropriate development and sound infrastructure is also essential to our well being. ​Then there are the problems without borders: —the world’s climate is changing and affecting every living thing and every non-living thing —a world-wide energy crisis fueled by a Russian dictator’s criminal war —a global public health crisis claiming more than a million lives alone in this country, and more pandemics to come —global economic disruption with broken-down supply chains and lost trade partnerships, with resulting inflation and even worse, hunger and the specter of starvation.  ​We are challenged, very seriously. And we must make the correct diagnosis before we can treat the patient. Humanity everywhere is experiencing multiple crises, facing seemingly intractable problems. It will take courage, intelligence, and mostly, extraordinary willpower to face the intersecting local and global crises, and withstand them with a minimum of human suffering. And we cannot face them with anger, resentment, or whining, nor by misinformation and self-deception. We must face them in a spirit that knows we are engaged in twenty-first century life together with everyone around us, with everyone residing in our towns, in our nation, and with everyone on the planet.  Let us be clear-eyed and let our better natures lead us. It’s time that we in America face reality.  It’s time for each one of us to commit to work sensibly and tackle these problems one at a time so that our lives, and those of our children and grandchildren, may be less difficult than it appears they will be if we do nothing now.  It’s not about being great, it’s about being good. And to be good means to think of others. This is actually the best means to assure our own happiness and serve our own best interests.  That will be my gold standard as your representative in the 34th District.

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