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August 17, 2022

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Since winning the Democratic Primary on August 9th, Amalia and I spent a long weekend on the North Shore of Long Island with friends. Now, with the benefits of an interval of beach time, good food, and conversation, we’re planning for the general election on November 8th, twelve weeks away.

Organizing a race for a statewide office is like doing a jigsaw puzzle. You’re looking at a lovely organizational chart, like the colorful picture on a puzzle box, but how are you ever going to put those thousand pieces together? I suppose the answer lies in one’s ability to see patterns.

What are the patterns of my campaign? I believe that anybody can run for office who has a fair mind and people experience. That basic design as a given, the pieces of the puzzle elaborate on the basics, forming discrete areas in the overall picture.

I believe that the citizens of the 34th are interested in preserving the core values of Democracy, personal rights, and a healthy environment. They are of course also invested in daily lives, family and community, though thoughtful enough to realize that if the foregoing core supports of their lives are threatened, they and their families will also be threatened.

This morning I met with Christine Palm, Rep for the 36th District across the Connecticut River. Christine is a champion for the environment and women’s reproductive rights, a key legislator this year on the passage of the Reproductive Freedom Defense Act and the Clean Air Act, a staunch advocate for women and the Earth. She generously shared her experience in the General Assembly with this fresh hopeful, and is determined as I am that I win the 34th District seat in November.

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