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November 5, 2022

Our nation is at a crossroads.

In one direction lies the denigration of others and the vicious cycle of violence. In the other, democracy. There can be no reconciliation of the two mutually exclusive paths.

This crossroads is as old as humanity. It is civilization versus chaos. It is truth versus falsehood. It is democracy versus tyranny.

The two paths diverge at a point in the human mind where the future is in shadow and discernment is required. American voters find themselves pinioned in a whirlpool of historic currents in which strength of character alone may release them.

The uncorrupted strong American character is based on the social contract in which we consent to be governed in so far as every citizen enjoys the benefits of the Commonwealth. This democratic character prevails against self-centered culture and indifference to the needs of others.

As citizens in the world's oldest democracy, it is incumbent on all of us to search within for that strength of character.

On November 5th, an unseasonably warm Saturday, the East Haddam Democratic Town Committee held a Get Out The Vote Rally at the Grange Hall. Here is a description of the event written by Laurel White, who exemplifies the best of us:

It was truly an event worthy of pride. Everyone pulled this together and made it ROCK!!! Thank you to Susan's tenacity in saying go and going hoping the train latched on! Thank you to the random pieces falling together in the form of soups, crackers, bread, sweets, and cider. The serendipity of the magic that was today is awesome. Rob the electric guru, and Anthony the vocal wonder not only in music but the facilities for our esteemed candidates and dignitaries. The FLAGS!!!! We were swimming in flags. They were flying high and loud!!! Daphne's Civil War era flag and incredible, giant New Union sign, and incredibly bold posters!!!! The honks and toots and waves and revs really resounded so much more loudly than the meager sneers and thumbs down. We all really rocked this today. And if I can be so bold, I think that John and his brave and selfless bid for the 34th has truly blown inspiration into this group. We will never be " giver uppers" with John as a role model. I was and continue to be, smiling from ear to ear. Best day folks!!! -Laurel

East Haddam Democrats with Lt Governor Bysiewicz (Center)

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