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October 31, 2022

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Changes to the land and among people. So many wonderful encounters with people over the past 10 days!

Overwhelming rejection of negative ads and attitudes. Strong support for working across party lines. Women's reproductive and healthcare rights get immediate response from women and many men.

Events galore: Harvest Stroll in East Hampton, Seniors Luncheon hosted by East Hampton Democrats where I served and Norm and I spoke. I participated in two forums sponsored by the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce. And then, the Apple Festival in Salem which featured the aroma of apple pies wafting to our noses on an absolutely beautiful autumn day, and many encounters with local residents, and out-of-towners, and former residents. Then, in all three towns, the Halloween candy give-aways to costumed trick-or-treaters small and large.

Halloween brings us all together to take part in an American tradition with people of all ages.

We have had exquisite fall color. Now the leaves are falling and many trees are bare. A cycle is ending. The harvest of votes will soon begin.

John Olin speaking at Chamber of Commerce
Speaking at Chamber of Commerce

John as Ben Franklin at East Haddam Leos Pumpkin Stroll
John as Ben Franklin at East Haddam Leos Pumpkin Stroll

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